AMEN to that. If our dystopian future wardrobes are based around henley shirts, I’m pretty alright with whatever goes down

WORD. I actually love the kids’ dystopian chic style, all henleys and distressed leather and motorcycle boots. I’d wear that marching into grounder battle, for sure.

idky but i get weirdly delighted when ppl rmr/notice clarke is stacked bc it has felt somehow overlooked

Ari, it was literally the first thing I noticed about her which sounds like I’m objectifying her and I don’t mean to, I love Clarke for a lot of reasons aside from how hot she is. But also…DANG. Stacked.

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wrongedallyear asked:
I've been mainlining the 100 for like 10 hours straight (adulthood!) so THANK YOU for gently incepting me via gifsets! It has far exceeded my expectations, especially in the areas of hotness and adoring gazes

Right? I enjoyed it much much more than I thought I would! A: EVERYBODY’S SO HOT, and B: Bellamy’s gazeface is a sight to behold, truly. (As is Clarke’s rack. AHEM. I just need a minute.)


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YESSSSS I am excited about this, here’s the link if others want it

YESSSSS I am excited about this, here’s the link if others want it

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I did not mean for that to sound ominous or gloomy, I swear, and it’s only on reading it back that I realize how tone deaf I am. I’m sorry you’re in pain, first of all, and secondly, treat it like a bad bruise and it’ll mend on its own. Advil!!

Oh, I know! Sorry if I made you feel bad! I’m just a paranoid Patty whenever it comes to health stuff.

True story: I don’t have medical tape so I have currently taped my toes together with yellow electrical tape. I am a classy broad.

Thank you <3

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unless it’s like, a crazy displaced fracture where yr bone has moved (highly UNLIKELY!!!!) then all they’re gonna do is tell you to RICE (rest ice compression elevate) so for now yr best bet is ibuprofen + ice + rest + sneakers if walking :D

*nod nod* that is good advice! It definitely doesn’t LOOK like it’s crazy broken (if it is indeed broken at all) and it hurts but I can kind of move it? so I think I will wait and see.

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lulabo replied to your post “I jammed my pinky toe and it hurts :( :( :( Not sure if just jammed…”

I jammed my pinky toe in high school and it WAS broken. It turned the most beautiful shade of eggplant, and I’m still surprised occasionally that it healed and didn’t simply fall off.

that is…not entirely comforting! (though I am sorry that happened and I am glad your toe did not fall off)

I’m going to try and sleep and if it still feels shitty in the morning, I’ll go to urgent care and see what’s up. I hate going to doctors :(

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I jammed my pinky toe and it hurts :( :( :(

Not sure if just jammed or broken? wah wah waaah.